Wm. Pollock's Pianobook

Haley's Comet

Dave Alvin and Tom Russell

G                            C
"Do you know who I am?" said Bill Haley
G                               D 
in a pancake house near the Rio Grande
G                                         C
the waitress said, "I don't know you from diddley"
G                   D                G    C                 
"To me you're just another tired old man"

G                       C
He walked alone down on Main street
G                                  D
a hot wind was blowing up from the south
G                                          C
there were two eyes staring in a pawn shop window
G                        D                G    C
and a whiskey bottle was lifted up to his mouth

C                 D              G 
There was no moon shining on the Rio Grande
C             D                       G 
as a truck of migrants pulled through town
C                   D             G   D/F# Em D  
and the jukebox was busted at the bus de - pot
C                          |G````|D`C`|G```|D`C`| {Needs Research}
when Haley's Comet hit the ground

G                                     C
He blacked out all the windows in his bedroom
G                                     D
he was talking to the ceiling and the walls
G                                        C
he closed his eyes and hit the stage in 1955
G                     D                   G   C
as the screams of the children filled the hall


G                                       C
This cop walked into a pancake house in Texas
G                                  D
and ordered up a couple of cups to go
G                                                 C
and he tells the waitress, "Hey, I just found the body
G                   D            G  C
of some guy who was famous long ago"

(final CHORUS uses |G```|D`C`| pattern played 4 times - same as intro)