Wm. Pollock's Pianobook

Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

Paul Simon

[G]Mama pajama rolled outta bed
And she ran to the police sta[C]tion
When [D]papa found out he began to shout
And he started the investi[G]gation

It's against the [D]law, it was against the [G]law
What did mama [D]saw, it was against the [G]law

[G]Now mama looks down and spits on the ground
Every time the name gets men[C]tioned
Papa said [D]"Oy! If I get that boy,
I'm gonna stick him in the house of de[G]tention"

Well I'm on my [C]way, I don't know [G]where I'm goin'
I'm on my [C]way, I'm takin' my [G]time, but I [A]don't know [D]where
Goodbye [C]Rosie, the [F]queen of Co[G]rona
Seein' [G]me and [F]Julio [C]down by the [D]school [G]yard
Seein' [G]me and [F]Julio [C]down by the [D]school [G]yard

[Whistling solo]

[G]In a couple of days they come and take me away
But the press let the story [C]leak
And when the [D]radical priest come to get me released
We was all on the cover of [G]Newsweek