Wm. Pollock's Pianobook

In the Pines

Jimmie Davis and Clayton McMichen, Some Hillbillies

Intro: [D] Whooee-whoo-[A7] whoo-hoo-[D] hoo!

[D] The longest [D7] train I [G] ever [D] saw
Went down that [A7] Georgia [D] line
The engine [D7] passed at [G] six o'[D] clock
And the cab passed [A7] by at [D] nine.

[D] In the pines, in the [D7] pines
Where the [G] sun never [D] shines
And we shiver when the [A7] cold wind [D] blows;
[D] Whooee-whoo-[D7] hoo; [G] whoo-hoo-[D] hoo
Whoee-whoo-[A7] whoo hoo-[D] hoo!

I asked my captain for the time of day
He said he throwed his watch away
A long steel rail and a short cross tie
I'm on my way back home.


Little girl, little girl, what have I done
That makes you treat me so?
You caused me to weep, you caused me to mourn