Wm. Pollock's Pianobook

I Just Want To Meet the Man

I've been waiting all night long
It's no secret what's kept me here
In your driveway until dawn
I didn't come to cause you trouble
Or avenge my wounded pride
I just came to meet your new friend
So won't you have him step outside?

I just want to see his face
So that I can see who's in my place
I just want to know the stranger who
Has put his poison inside of you
I just want to look into the eyes
My own baby's learned to recognize
The one that tore down everything I'd planned
I just want to meet the man.

Don't tell me it's just the two of you
I see his shadow on the blind
He can't hide in there forever
And darling, I've got so much time
No, that's nothing in my pocket
Just a toy I brought for Jane
I couldn't stand to see her hurting
Now Daddy's here to kill the pain.