Wm. Pollock's Pianobook


Marcy Playground

 G   G   G   G

G        G
Lucy came to the timberline
G                 G
Climbed up onto Rainer and
D                 D
Looked out over Washington

G         G

D         D
Swore she could see the appletrees

G         G
            And she said

C    D           G           C
Ooo  Ooo  Oh I never wanna leave
G   D   C
Ooo Ooo this place
C   D         G          C
Ooo Ooo Yes I always wanna be
G     C     D
Ri....ght   here

{Needs Research: what?}
A       G              A   G
Find a place to call home
A      G            A    G
Any place to call home