Wm. Pollock's Pianobook

Hands on the Wheel

A                               D 
At a time when the world seems to be spinnin' 
A                 E
Hopelessly out of control
        A                                  D
There's deceivers and believers and old in-betweeners
     A            E           A
That seem to have no place to go
              E                                 A
Well it's the same old song it's right and it's wrong 
    A                          E
And livin' is just something I do

         A                                 D
And with no place to hide I looked in your eyes 
    A       E         A
And I found myself in you
  E                                    A
I looked to the stars tried all of the bars 
And I've nearly gone up in smoke
       A                                      D
Now my Hands On The Wheel of somethin' that's real 
    A           E         A
And I feel like I'm goin' home

           A                           D
And in the shade of an oak down by the river 
A                    E
Sat an old man and a boy
        A                                    D
Settin' sails spinnin' tails and fishin' for whales 
       A         E         A
With a lady that they both enjoy
         E                                  A
It's the same damn tune it's the Man in the Moon 
It's the way I feel about you