Wm. Pollock's Pianobook

Indoor Fireworks

We play these parlour games

We play at make believe
            E7                A
When we get to the part where I say that I'm going to leave
          A/G#    A/F#  A/E        B7            E
Everybody loves a happy ending but we don't even try
A     A/G#     A/F#    A/E
We go straight past pretending
B7                          C#m
To the part where everybody loves to cry

C#m // B7

E                   Esus E
Indoor fireworks

Can still burn your fingers
Indoor fireworks
We swore we were safe as houses

They're not so spectacular
          E7              A
They don't burn up in the sky
    A    A/G# A/F#  A/E B7
But they can  daz - zle or delight
F#m           B7
   Or bring a tear
When the smoke gets in your eyes

You were the spice of life
The gin in my vermouth
And though the sparks would fly
I thought our love was fireproof
Sometimes we'd fight in public darling
With very little cause
But different kinds of sparks would fly
When we got on our own behind closed doors


It's time to tell the truth
These things have to be faced
My fuse is burning out
And all that powder's gone to waste
Don't think for a moment dear that we'll ever be through
I'll build a bonfire of my dreams
And burn a broken effigy of me and you