Wm. Pollock's Pianobook

The Family Car

Lou and Peter Berryman

[NC or D]              G
Seems like nothing had paid off
Unexpectedly laid off
We'd just been evicted
                   G        D
Our hearts were so heavy.....

And yet we were thankful
We had half a tankful
And we were all able
To squeeze in the Chevy

When you are down and out
As low as a man can get
Remember the family car
America's safety net

If there's no place for you
No matter who you are
No one denies your right
To live in your car.

2. My mother said, crying,
Are you really trying
YOu live in a Chevy
Now son, I've been thinking

If you'd only bother
To work hard like your father
By the time he was your age
He lived in a Lincoln


3. Now the yuppies have feelings
Against three foot five ceilings
And prefere the proportions
Of a three story condo

But I bet you that someday
They'll be out in the driveway
Trying to jam their jacuzzi
in their Alfa Romeo


4. With a couch on the roof rack
And a dog in the wayback
Three wishes I wish for
To make my life sweeter

Some steam from your thermos
On my cold epidermis
Some change for the better
Some change for the meter.