Wm. Pollock's Pianobook

Blackjack David

Traditional, Dave Alvin

Blackjack David came a-ridin through the woods
Singin' so loud and merry
                                                                                              Voice was ringin' through the green, green fields
        Em                  G
When he spied a fair-haired maiden
Am7                 G
Spied a fair-haired maiden

Listen here lass, my name is Jack
And I come from afar
Lookin' for a fair-haired lass like you
To come to be my bride, come to be my bride
Now, would you forsake your husband, dear
Would you forsake your baby
Would you forsake your fine, fine home
To go with the Blackjack David, go with Blackjack David

Yes, I'd forsake my husband, dear, I'd forsake my baby
I'd forsake my fine, fine home, to go with you Blackjack David
To go with you Blackjack David
She put on her high-heel boots, made of Spanish leather
He pulled her behind him then, they both rode off together, both rode off together

Well, last night she slept in a fine, fine bed, beside her husband and baby
Tonight, she sleeps on the cold, cold ground, beside her Blackjack David
Beside her Blackjack David

Beside her Blackjack David, beside her Blackjack David