Wm. Pollock's Pianobook

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

The Shirelles

[C]Tonight you're [Am]mine com[F]pletely [G]
[C]You give your [Am]love so [Dm]sweet[G]ly
To[E]night the light of [Am]love is in your eyes
[F]But will you [G]love me to[C]morrow

[C]Is this a [Am]lasting [F]treasure [G]
[C]Or just a [Am]moment's [Dm]plea[G]sure?
Can [E]I believe the [Am]magic of your sighs?
[F]Will you still [G]love me to[C]morrow

[F]Tonight with words un[Em]spoken
[F]You said that I'm the only [C]one
[F]But will my heart be [Em]broken
[F]When the night meets the [Dm]morning [F]sun [G]

[C]I'd like to [Am]know that your [F]love [G]
[C]Is love I [Am]can be [Dm]sure [G]of
So [E]tell me now and [Am]I won't ask again
[F]Will you still [G]love me to[C]morrow? [C7]

[F]Will you still [G]love me to[C]morrow?