Wm. Pollock's Pianobook

There's a Man Who Comes To Our House

The Shut-Ins

          A                           E  
There's a man that comes to our house every single day
E                        A
Pappa comes home and the man goes away
      A                       E
Well, Pappa does the work and Mamma gets the pay.
The man comes around when Pappa goes away.

The man that comes to our house, he's very nice.
He comes in the summertime and brings Mamma ice.
And its just a teeny piece that soon melts away
He has to come back again later in the day.


The man who comes to our house drives a Cadillac.
He drives around the corner and parks it in the back.
When Mamma comes up to the door he's always sure to greet her
With "Open up honeybunch, let me check your meter".



When I grow up to be a man, I'm not going to be
A doctor or a janitor, no sirree.
I won't be a lawyer with an office downtown.
I think I'd rather be just a man who comes around!