Wm. Pollock's Pianobook

Old Friend


intro, play:

Bm       D
Bm       D
Bm       D
A        E

play through twice, then:


A             E
good morning heartache

               F#m                  D
you're like an old friend, come to see me again

A     E            F#m          D
wake up, you're in cleveland again

	   A     E         F#m    D
it's a solid line that never ends
i got stories that you'll never believe
and i know it, i wear it, i wear it on my sleeve
there must be something 'bout you that i liked
but right here in this rain, you know it just don't seem right
i always go out, i never hide
but in cleveland, i should've stayed inside


A    E      F#m      D
justify my love for you
and i know it runs deep through your body too
from the cold blacktop to the hot concrete
in the old tin van, it ain't so sweet


intro X 2

              A5    E5    F#5     D5
somewhere in america

       A5     E5    F#5    D5
in the city at night

A5       E5     F#5     D5
we were far from home,

         A5  E5  F#5           D5
but you know, everything's gonna be alright

play chorus form

       A            E            F#m        D
the unfortunate get preyed on by vultures' eyes
86 cents in these pockets of mine
you can take my money, you can take my time
but you can't take my heart, it's in the city behind


A5     E5     F#5     D5         A5

    Bm          D          A         E        F#m

e   2           x          5         x         9
B   3	           7          5         9         10
G   4           7          6         9         11
D   4           7          7         9         11
A   2           5          7         7         9
E   x           x          5         x         x

all of these are basic bar chords.  aaron kinney had you playing wierd
power chords.  the only place power chords are used here are on verse three
and the outro.

    A5         E5          F#5        D5

e   x          x            x          x
B   x          x            x          x
G   x          x            x          7
D   7          2            4          7
A   7          2            4          5
E   5          0            2          x