Wm. Pollock's Pianobook

South Coast

Em              Am            Em
South Coast the wild coast is lonely
        Am                  Em
You may win at a game at Jolon
                   Am          Em
but the lion still rules the barrancas 
                   Am      Em
and a man there is always alone

Em              Am      Em
My name is Juan Hano de Castro
   Am                       Em
my father was a Spanish grandee
             Am        Em
But I won my wife in a card game
   Am                           Em
To hell with the lords o're the sea

Em              Am         Em
I picked up the ace, I had won her
   Am                   Em
My which was down at my feet
`                Am          Em
Jumped up to my throat in a hurry
       Am                        Em
like a warm summer's day she was sweet 


G               F        G
Her arms had to tighten around me
      F                          G
As we rode up the hills from the south
                 F                 G
Not a word did I get from from her that day
                    F          G
nor a kiss from her pretty red mouth

G             F        G
We came to my cabin at twilight
    F                         G
the stars twinkled out on the coast
                   F           G
She soon loved the valley, the orchard
                    F           G
but I knew that she love me the most

Em         Am        Em
Then I got hurt in a landslide
                     Am           Em
with crushed hip and twice-broken bone
                Am        Em
she saddled our pony like lightning
                Am         Em
rode off in the night all alone

Em                Am        Em
The lion screamed in the barrancas
              Am          Em
The pony fell back on the slide
                  Am          Em
My young wife lay dead in the moonlight...
                   Am            Em
My heart died that night with my bride