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Bill Pollock

Sacto, Calif
  • Boo! -- On-demand/ambient boo-er
  • Eat Happy -- Cookbook hackery since 2001
  • Figlet -- My take on the venerable tool's web interface. Needs more fonting.
  • Bling -- An experiment in linear application of web annoyance
  • Leta Jackson's Encarta On Cooking -- Gramma's cooking cards, redesigned for the 21st century.
  • Pianobook -- Fake Musicianship, renewed 2006
  • Broken Thing: Who Loves The Sun -- After Lawsuit a core group of Timber Troutists formed mostly doing their own pieces and the occasional lawsuit cover. The band only lasted a year or so before the untimely death of its singer. Truly a beautifully dark cover of a wonderful Velvet Underground pop tune.
  • Lawsuit at the Whole Earth Festival, 1994 -- Davis' Whole Earth was an amazing showcase of local acts during a lovely hippie-inspired weekend. Crazily enough the distance from us then to the OG hippies is the same from then to now.
  • MS DOS Basic 1.0 -- Super-nice online emulator that pushes all the buttons of my first-ever PC. It was only as cool as this and not much cooler.
  • MS-DOS 1.25 Source -- Man, its strange to see something as once-proprietary as DOS get retconned as open source :O
  • Red Rat - That Girl Celiac Shelly Ann -- I heard this over a tinny speaker streaming radio.garden. They played this mix along with one other track after literally every break. The breaks were for local establishments to the island I'd been listening to and were fascinating enough to suffer the repetition of perhaps not the worlds hottest jams. Three times in an hour and they've been in my head for a week.
  • The use of en-vs-em as a verb prefix
  • Pretty Vacant, Lounge Edition
  • Air Jordans, Hockey and Hardcore: How punk embraced sports. -- At the time I didn't contemplate how down-low the hardcore guys were. This is the "I hate jocks" aesthetic. At the time everybody just sorta dressed alike.
  • How to play death metal guitar -- The balm we need in these trying times.
  • ASCIINEMA -- Text playback of console sessions?!?! Wooo!

My hotel has TV with youtube.


There's this thing with youtube content providers, life videographers, where they'll provide an establishing shot of them entering their hotel room.


Here's where we go peanut butter cup:. Establishing shot.  You walk in, your hotel is so fresh that your establishing shot is playing on the screen or whatever.  Casey Neistat, MarriottM hotels,,  pm me.

  • MMM, parallax -- Wish I had half a reason to do something artsy with this.
  • figlet.js -- Ohhhhh, I want this so bad, esp when his content is so nearly perfect :/
  • Godot Engine -- We got 3d, we got 4d, we got every d you want man. Scroller mapper thing? We got it. Thing that looks like Blender? We got it.
  • Pico-8 -- I read that experimenting is controlling variables which is what this game platform is all about.
  • Phaser.io -- Hot google for "24 hour games" which is about the stupid level I'm at.
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