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Memories Are Made of This

Gilkyson, Dehr, and Miller; Dean Martin

    [D] Take one [A7] fresh and tender [D] kiss [A7]
[D] Add a-[A7] nother night of [D] bliss [A7]
One [G] girl, one [D] boy; some [A7] grief, some [D] joy
Memo-[A7] ries are made of [D] this. [A7]

[D] Don't for-[A7] get a small moon-[D] beam [A7]
[D] Fold in [A7] lightly with a [D] dream [A7]
Your [G] lips and [D] mine; two [A7] sips of [D] wine
Memo-[A7] ries are made of [D] this. [A7]

[G] Then add the wedding bells
[D] One house where lovers dwell 
[A7] ....Three little kids for the [D] flavor [D7]
[G] Stir carefully thru the days
[D] See how the flavor stays
These [E] are the [E7] dreams you will [A] sav-[A7] or.

[D] With His [A7] blessings from a-[D] bove [A7]
[D] Serve it [A7] gen'rously with [D] love [A7]
One [G] man, one [D] wife; one [A7] love thru [D] life
Memo-[A7] ries are made of [D] this. (repeat)