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An Unmarketed Product

Guided By Voices

    Intro: A   C#m   D     2x

A                         C#m               D
An unmarketed product, is shining clear for many years
A                                     C#m               D
The time it takes you to put up, shut out the fears for many years
D                   C#             C          A
How do these things come in to our lives so obtrusively?
D           C#           C      
Why do they change their prices accordingly?

      A C#  D               A  C#          D    
Well, I can give you credit suitable and custom tailored
A        C#            D                             A      
And if you have any luck, you'll get ahead

Before you're dead
       D  E  F                    D  E  F
Get ahead, before you're dead
      D  E  F                      D
Get ahead, before you're dead