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Sacto, Calif
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  • Cowries! -- A great olldschool web resource from back in the day with ~userdir, except like a decade after it was sensible. GREAT!
  • Overpass -- Everyone loves open source/WOFFy FHTSA-inspired fonts, though really only heavyweight looks propa.
  • Highway Gothic -- A great name for a typeface nearly as old as my dad.
  • Transport, the UK roadsign font -- We thought this font was so cool we developed Clearview.
  • Johnston -- For all your Underground repros. ++mention for the term "Linotron," which I'm sure is obsolete as hell but dang do I want one so I can say "lemme fire up the Linotron"
  • Rail Alphabet
  • Wikipedia: List of public signage typefaces -- Licensing alone would cost gamillions of dollars for all the fonts but dang would I love a poster with all those on it.
  • Google Fonts: Hammersmith One -- Because everyone loves-loves highway signs. I mean, at some visceral level.
  • Eat Happy -- Cookbook hackery since 2001
  • Raspberry Pi MIDI Box -- ++ I think he hardwires it straight to the GPIO like a boss or something.
  • NON DAW -- Obv. made by a crazy person but a DAW apparently light enough to be used on the PI. Also sole developer.
  • Ardour -- Apparently the only DAC worth its salt for Linux, so the kids say, assuming you forget that one guy and his thing.
  • Rune Audio -- Like Sonos, except DIY-ier and prone to crashing.
  • RPI Video Game Controller Enclosure -- Oh yeah, everybody loves Pi. and MAME. And real arcade controls.
  • Test Print Collective -- Because the garage can be a fine print lab, just as soon as I throw each and every thing away.
  • The Plumas Junction -- Repurposing of an old vanity site into a much dreamed-of piece of trolling. Mostly a place for my ire of the editorial page hooligans to roost.
  • Reacted Font -- I had seen this font for doing mockups whose resulting text was not just meaningless but illegible. There was something charming about the handwriting variant.
  • Google Font's Special Elite -- I love my Selectric and gosh, to hear a font had been created from its famous Elite style was pretty cool. Looks extra nice but the Selectric was a monospace machine and this is a proportional font. Do no evil, Google, do no evil. There are many typewriter-like fonts but this has extra typerwritery wigglies that look great in a somewhat squished unrealistic manner.

Across the briny bay went I on the day you buried your mother, your mother-in-law, your mother-in-surrogate.

Across the briny bay went I in a bus, ultimately to somewhere I had been before.  Here we were again at Paulson Press.  This time we are comeing across the San Rafael bridge.

I have been driving across bridges in the Bay Area for 44 years and in this time I have never, not once, been across the San Rafael bridge.

Like most bridges across the bay it has its low parts and high parts and they're all a little unique that way but dang, there's this island right in the middle.   Red Rock Island is not like some faraway place.  Its not like Alcatraz where you see it far away and you just get an impression of the sizeness and cliffness and impossibleness.  Red Rock looks like a place where there's a gnarly cove that maybe would save you half the time and kill you the other but maybe you could just hop across.

Now, in the present, I see its available for sale and only USD $5m.  Given that my winter retreat was $14m, this seems imminently more reasonable.

Paulson is amazing, the space every printer would want.  Large, open, lots of white surfaces.  Uncluttered.  Everything kind of tucked away.

The printing master is the same as before, still dark and gorgeous.  Her work with the tarlatan is amazing, folsing it like a cop's hat and buffing it with the edge of that thing so starchy to be as stiff as a cop's hat.  Vic's, next door is still like heaven.

I don't think I had a good idea of what to get last time or what I had been getting into but I had contempalted my options at the chaat house.  I was surprised to find a couple kinds of lossi on tap and was quite happy to find a Thums Up to go with my biriyani.  The market, my eyes now jaded by the spleandors of KP, was not nearly as amazing as I remember it but so weirdly Bay Area precise. A bit of everything available at the store.  You could go back to your small place and make some dishes and come back and get some more things.

Arion Press really is heaven.  Its like a lifetime of growing up around exotic, enfetished machinery.  Puffing engines at the state fair.  Weird pizza parlors.  Railroad shops.  Blacksmith forges.  Arion is this for type, the last living vestage of metal being molten and laid onto press.  The halls are like the warehouse at the end of the raiders of the Lost Ark.  Untold thousands of dollars lines the wall in semicompleted book form.

Gosh, I should have spent my bonus on that.  I would need a vault of its very own just for it.  I'd bring it out every few months to breathe and then back into its dark, fireproof container to wait to become an inexplicable object.

I mean, damn, man.  It's Richard Brautigan.