Bill Pollock

Sacto, Calif
( )\ ) ( ( ) (()/( )\ )\ ( /( /(_))( ((_|(_)( ( )\()) (_)) )\ _ _ )\ )\((_)\ | _ \((_) || |((_)((_)| (_) | _/ _ \ || / _ \/ _|| / / |_| \___/_||_\___/\__||_\_\
  • Raspberry Pi MIDI Box -- ++ I think he hardwires it straight to the GPIO like a boss or something.
  • NON DAW -- Obv. made by a crazy person but a DAW apparently light enough to be used on the PI. Also sole developer.
  • Ardour -- Apparently the only DAC worth its salt for Linux, so the kids say, assuming you forget that one guy and his thing.
  • Rune Audio -- Like Sonos, except DIY-ier and prone to crashing.
  • RPI Video Game Controller Enclosure -- Oh yeah, everybody loves Pi. and MAME. And real arcade controls.
  • The Plumas Junction -- Repurposing of an old vanity site into a much dreamed-of piece of trolling. Mostly a place for my ire of the editorial page hooligans to roost.
  • Reacted Font -- I had seen this font for doing mockups whose resulting text was not just meaningless but illegible. There was something charming about the handwriting variant.
  • Google Font's Special Elite -- I love my Selectric and gosh, to hear a font had been created from its famous Elite style was pretty cool. Looks extra nice but the Selectric was a monospace machine and this is a proportional font. Do no evil, Google, do no evil. There are many typewriter-like fonts but this has extra typerwritery wigglies that look great in a somewhat squished unrealistic manner.
  • Foundation Feed Template -- Seems kind of nice as a thing to play with for blogs &c.

Drunks litter the street starting a block east of the Lassen Club, the more civili zed drinking club next door seems to keep its drunks largely contained.

For two blocks this went, a sizeable population in a town maybe eight active blocks all told, twelve tip to tail.

A certain gentleman continues to write about that Lake Davis is a great Pike fishery.  The populator of pike in Lake Davis was planted by persons presumably still on the loose.  Its the second great Plumas County mystery still unsolved.  At several millions it rates higher than the boy who went missing in Quincy; despite signs to the positive the county won't pay a tenth that -- still a sizeable sum -- to excavate the well in which he may be buried.

The culprits were never caught.

Pratville 1.0 burned to the ground.  The culprits were never caught.

Was it Mountain  Meadows?  I'll have to read something again to find out.  They too closed shop the firey way.  I believe the culprits were never caught.  Also that the same power company was looking to create lakes there at about that time.

Good times.  Bottle rockets on the east shore, drunks on the east side by ten AM.

God Bless America.