Bill Pollock

Sacto, Calif
( )\ ) ( ( ) (()/( )\ )\ ( /( /(_))( ((_|(_)( ( )\()) (_)) )\ _ _ )\ )\((_)\ | _ \((_) || |((_)((_)| (_) | _/ _ \ || / _ \/ _|| / / |_| \___/_||_\___/\__||_\_\
  • Godot Engine -- We got 3d, we got 4d, we got every d you want man. Scroller mapper thing? We got it. Thing that looks like Blender? We got it.
  • Pico-8 -- I read that experimenting is controlling variables which is what this game platform is all about.
  • -- Hot google for "24 hour games" which is about the stupid level I'm at.
  • Transitfeeds-dot-com -- A giant repository of normalized (GTFS) data for working with transit routes. Me? I just want to know how many minutes to the next few trains so I can do some planning-like.
  • Raspberry Pi MIDI Box -- ++ I think he hardwires it straight to the GPIO like a boss or something.
  • Test Print Collective -- Because the garage can be a fine print lab, just as soon as I throw each and every thing away.
  • The Plumas Junction -- Repurposing of an old vanity site into a much dreamed-of piece of trolling. Mostly a place for my ire of the editorial page hooligans to roost.
  • Reacted Font -- I had seen this font for doing mockups whose resulting text was not just meaningless but illegible. There was something charming about the handwriting variant.
  • Google Font's Special Elite -- I love my Selectric and gosh, to hear a font had been created from its famous Elite style was pretty cool. Looks extra nice but the Selectric was a monospace machine and this is a proportional font. Do no evil, Google, do no evil. There are many typewriter-like fonts but this has extra typerwritery wigglies that look great in a somewhat squished unrealistic manner.
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