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Bill Pollock

Sacto, Calif
  • Everybody loves Sankey Diagrams!!!
  • Carpenter Hill -- Eight hundred and twenty-eight feet tall, Sacramento's highest point is pretty sad.
  • Thingiverse: Death Whistle -- Maybe you too want to recreate the authentic sound of the "Aztec Death Whistle." Apparently these have been scanned and reverse engineered so you too can spit out a terrifying noisemaker in the comfort of your PLA-reeking home. Times truly have never been better.
  • Screen Art: WARGAMES
  • App::Asciio -- Because you can always use more ASCII in your ASCII. In perl for extra yikes.
  • blessed-contrib -- Would you like to run a BS Dashboard? In ASCII? O YES U WOULD!
  • PatriotOS -- Because the moterhland needs its own OS. Part one: please Kickstarter.
  • Audio Nouveau -- Is your house beyond 𝑺𝒖𝒏𝒔𝒆𝒕? Do you need furniture-grade speakers that match your artisinal cabinet? I don't have these problems, but perhaps you do? I'm glad this guy exists out on the California coast.
  • Santa Rosa Tweak Shop -- One of those names that when the business started tuning audio components sounded extra groovy but one persistent methamphetamine epidemic later, maybe I dunno...
  • Samsung's killing sentry robot -- What's the worst that could happen?

My hotel has TV with youtube.


There's this thing with youtube content providers, life videographers, where they'll provide an establishing shot of them entering their hotel room.


Here's where we go peanut butter cup:. Establishing shot.  You walk in, your hotel is so fresh that your establishing shot is playing on the screen or whatever.  Casey Neistat, MarriottM hotels,,  pm me.

  • figlet.js -- Ohhhhh, I want this so bad, esp when his content is so nearly perfect :/
  • Godot Engine -- We got 3d, we got 4d, we got every d you want man. Scroller mapper thing? We got it. Thing that looks like Blender? We got it.
  • Pico-8 -- I read that experimenting is controlling variables which is what this game platform is all about.
  • Phaser.io -- Hot google for "24 hour games" which is about the stupid level I'm at.
  • Transitfeeds-dot-com -- A giant repository of normalized (GTFS) data for working with transit routes. Me? I just want to know how many minutes to the next few trains so I can do some planning-like.
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